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Transfer of Knowledge and Training - Nigerian Content Policy

Rockson Engineering Company Ltd has a clear cut policy of promoting Nigerian Content for all of its operations in addition to ongoing knowledge/technology transfer.

Rockson Engineering is a 100% indigenous Nigerian Company. The Board of Directors and Share holders including the Managing Director, Mr. J.I.A. Arumemi-Johnson are Nigerian nationals. At present the total company workforce consists of 85% Nigerians. This will be increased to 95% as a result of the ongoing training programmes adopted by the company for staff and engineers thereby exceeding the requirements of the Federal Governments Policy on Nigerian Content.


Rockson Engineering promotes the improvement of its Nigerian workforce by encouraging training, both locally through in-house training programmes and also by sponsoring personnel to the facilities of our Affiliates and Subcontractors premises overseas for in-depth technical training. This means that the workforce has an ongoing development and improvement, which will remain with them in Nigeria for use on future projects. These personnel, mainly Technicians and Engineers will in turn pass on knowledge to other company employees working along side them at our various projects and facilities.

Due to the training programmes adopted by the company for Nigerian personnel, the number of expatriate personnel is constantly reducing as our Nigerian personnel become ably equipped to take over some of the expatriates duties and responsibilities on our Projects.  This is in line with the Federal Government’s Policy on Nigerian Content for which we have a target of 95% Nigerians against 5% expatriate.

Depending on project requirements, Rockson Engineering also encourages and sponsors Client personnel to attend training programmes held at our Affiliate and Subcontractor’s premises.


To obtain quality Nigerian Engineers and other personnel, Rockson Engineering employ the services of KPMG, Lagos to carry out some recruitment. This is an ongoing activity for our existing projects and shall continue and be increased for other future projects.

In accordance with the Nigerian Government policy and directives on labour resourcing, Rockson will endeavour to, wherever possible, recruit Nigerian personnel resident in, or belonging to, the same area or nearest village to where the work or services are carried out.

To summarise, the company’s aim is to use Nigerian workers to fulfill positions wherever possible, improving their abilities through ongoing training and only to use expatriates where they are needed to provide specific technical expertise to carry out the work safety, efficiently and to cost and programme.

Material, Equipment, Sourcing & Service

Rockson Engineering wherever possible utilises local materials and equipment on its project sites. This can be seen from the list of local companies contained on this site. In addition to purchasing complete and manufactured material directly from the market place, the company encourages producing its own items by obtaining the basic raw materials in Nigeria and manufacturing the final product in our own facilities and workshops. This again promotes the use of Nigerian labour increasing Nigerian project man-hours and thereby reducing unemployment and additionally improving the local business and economy.

However, for some projects some major equipment and materials can only be obtained abroad but this will be kept to a minimum. The company will develop further its mechanical/electrical Workshop Facilities and storage facilities at the Offshore Operations Base in Onne Port and in Port Harcourt, and these will be used to fabricate parts for equipment and tools used for its operations to successfully complete the project to specification.

For equipment purchased abroad, the company will sponsor candidates both from Rockson and the Client to vendor manufacturing facilities so that they acquire the knowledge and technical expertise to commence manufacturing at our own workshops at the Offshore Operations Base in Onne Port and in Port Harcourt.

Sub-Contractors and Institutions

As with directly employed labour and material/equipment purchases, Rockson Engineering utilises local Subcontractors wherever possible to assist in execution of the work. Again, evidence of this may be seen from the list of local subcontractors contained within this site.

This encourages small local contractors to develop and expand so they in turn will benefit and the economy will grow. Similarly, in carrying on its business, the company employs many local service providers, such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Auditors, Solicitors, Transport Companies, etc.