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Transport Policy

Due to the nature of Rockson Engineering Company Ltd operations, transportation is a major and integral part of the entire business process. Rockson recognizes this fact and operates a policy to consciously reduce the risks to as low a level as is reasonably practicable in all activities relating to transportation.

All Rockson operations shall be planned and executed in such a way as to avert accident that could result from transportation either by land, water or air. Therefore:

  • All Rockson drivers shall be appropriately certified and must possess corresponding valid driver licences.
  • Periodic maintenance and daily check on all vehicles shall be carried out by competent personnel.
  • All vehicles must have valid statutory papers
  • All vehicles shall be equipped with portable fire extinguisher
  • Maximum speed limits must be observed for all operational vehicles.
  • Any accidents involving company’s vehicles shall be reported to the senior personnel in charge as contained in the company journey management plan.
  • Drivers and occupants of all operational vehicles are expected to be aware and comply with all safety rules and regulations in accordance with the transportation safety policy.
  • The use of IVMS to monitor operation vehicles shall be enforced in all appropriate project sites.
  • The implementation of the transport policy shall be the responsibility of the line management who reports to the Project Manager.