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Rockson Engineering Construction Projects

132kv Transmission line

Construction of a double circuit power transmission line

Status: Completed 2010
Client: Rivers State Government
Location: Rivers State (Niger-Delta region)

Rockson Engineering is currently constructing a 207km double circuit power transmission line from Ndoni to Kaa for Rivers State Government to link Eleme, Trans Amadi and Omoku power stations.

Specially commissioned 35m steel lattice towers at an average of 3 pylons/km will have the capacity to carry 500-700MW at 40 degs C ambient temperature. These towers have been designed and tested in partnership with Consorzio Italia 2000.

The line has been completed from Ndoni and Omoku through to Trans Amadi sub-station in Port Harcourt.

The 132kV double circuit transmission network will traverse the whole of Rivers State, Nigeria and radiate a 33kV network on 8m concrete posts. There will be seven 132/33kV transformers and substations along the route for 33kV branch lines to outlying communities.