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Rockson Engineering Construction Projects

Alaoji Power Station

Phase 1 - Construction of a 504M Gas Turbine Power Station in simple cycle configuration

Status: Completed 2015
Client: PHCN / NEPA
Location: Alaoji, Abia State (Niger-Delta region)

In 2006, Rockson Engineering was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction of a 504MW Gas 2006 Turbine power station using 4 x 126MW GE 9EA Gas Turbines operating in Simple Cycle mode. Phase 1 also includes the civil works for phase 2 (conversion to Combined Cycle).

  • 4 x GE frame 9EA gas turbine power block
  • Interconnection to existing Alaoji switchyard
  • Power House shelter and associated plant structures
  • Administration building, control building, clinic, fire station, workshop, etc.