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Rockson Engineering Construction Projects

Eleme Power Station

Phase 1 - Refurbishment & commissioning of a 20MW Gas Turbine

Status: Completed 2001
Client: Rivers State Government
Location: Rivers State (Niger-Delta region)

A previously dilapidated and non-functioning power station, Eleme was completely refurbished and commissioned for Rivers State Government. In addition Rockson Engineering has refurbished 60km of 33kV transmission line to feed many local communities not served by the national grid of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (formerly NEPA).

Refurbishment included:

  • GE LM2500 gas turbine
  • Control room
  • Gas treatment facility
  • Transformers
  • Diesel storage
  • Black start generator

Rockson Engineering provided operation and maintenance services to Rivers State Government for this project.